Endispute is a leading provider of dispute resolution, dispute advisory and dispute management services in respect of complex disputes. The dispute processes are tailored to meet the needs of various industry, commercial corporations and all who do business with them, within Australia and internationally.

The Endispute process involves a panel comprised of professional and highly regarded former judges who have significant experience in complex and contentious disputes. The Panel Members are skilled in a range of dispute resolution processes including evaluation, expert appraisal, private judging as well as arbitration and mediation. In selected disputes the Panel can be enlarged by using Expert Panel Members who are chosen for their specialist expertise in particular subject areas that include IT, engineering and tax.

We offer a wide range of dispute resolution processes and our experience of processes, structuring dispute resolution solutions and managing commercial conflict enables us to identify the best way of managing the dispute and resolving differences so that the client is able to:

  • preserve commercial relationships
  • protect their corporate reputation
  • minimise costs and save executive time
  • focus on business – not conflict
  • achieve durable, effective outcomes.

With the assistance of Endispute the disputants choose the most appropriate dispute resolution process and their own "judge" or expert conflict resolver from an expert panel. That persons or persons will have expertise in the particular field- commercial, technical or industrial - involved in the conflict...

In most cases the Endispute process produces finality. The parties will be urged to agree at the outset that they will all consent to a judgment in terms of the outcome.

Accordingly there will be no more than one tier of the dispute resolution process unless the parties wish to provide for a speedy internal review by a designated panel.

Our approach is customised and flexible. Each dispute is carefully considered by our expert dispute managers – The Hon Andrew Rogers and Professor Tania Sourdin - to make sure we bring together the best combination of processes with our distinguished panel that all have the experience to ensure that the dispute resolution process achieves outcomes in an efficient and effective manner.

Endispute is managed by the Honourable Andrew Rogers and Professor Tania Sourdin.